Dialogue 48​.​1

by Calvin College Dialogue

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Dialogue Creative Journal
Volume 48 Issue 1


released December 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Calvin College Dialogue Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dialogue is an arts and writing magazine of Calvin College undergraduate creative work that is submitted, curated, and published by students. This is a catalog of original student music.

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Track Name: Monty.e - 3 days
Three day old coffee
Writings on the wall
I do not remember
What I did last night at all
So teach me what it means to love
And I'll teach you to hate
Take a lesson from above
Learn to appreciate

Take me down to where I used to go back to the place I used to know, I cannot go any POTUS hey

And I dangled an eternity where I cannot, go back to where I used to go, to go

We're lost in an eternity
All desire gone
Breathing in a black hole
This is not that fun
Tell me what it means to live
And I'll tell you not to die
Anything that she could give
Would bring you to this life (to this lie)
Track Name: Cotter Koopman - Again (This Is A Dream)
There's a dream I never told you about:
I live in a lighthouse now
Pacific northwest or in Michigan
We'll make these mistakes again and again, and again

Every year, the water approaches the bluff
Did the dune shrink, the fire pit sink, or did I grow up?
There's a song that used to make my heart sink
I listened too long, too much, too strong to it I think

This is a dream I never told you about:
I'm at the cabin if you wanna hang out
If you say "Let's" then I'll say "When?"
And we'll make these mistakes again and again, and again

Every year, I've got new friends to bring
I'll turn and speak, to the passenger seat, like I'm practicing
Bedroom light, I'm glaring in the mirror
At the edge of the trees, where parents don't see, I think on my year

You're a dream I never told you I had:
In the morning I just feel glad
All these things I invent in my head
Cause I'll make these mistakes again and again, and again

And I'm ashamed how long it took to see:
When I'm struck by beauty, it may need not mean a thing.

And again
Track Name: Parlor Voice - Benjamin
This is a song about my brother
We don’t really see each other anymore
It was only for a time
We were bursting water balloons
And building hideouts

But things are different now
We don’t wrestle each other
We wrestle our separate demons
And for you things are working out
I hear you’ve got some new friends in Grantham
And a suit like a senator
You wear it well
You always were good at arguing
I was a midnight reveller
I do remember those fights in the morning

Scraping nails over scales of your feelings
Touching the numb is dumb for the one receiving
I may oversell all my genuine demons
But I really miss the stars on your ceiling

I’m bad at staying close
I’m trapped inside my mind
But mostly I blow off reaching out
Or else I’ll surely fall into a million pieces of salt
I’m so in love with the idea of life
That there are satellites
But they seem so far away
I’m sure I would incinerate
The moment I touch your skin
Scraping nails over scales of your feelings
Touching the numb is dumb for the one receiving
I may oversell all my genuine demons
But I really miss the stars on your ceiling

I miss running around
In gradually expanding circles of time
With you by my side
I think there may still be toys
Buried by the tree
Will you dig with me?
Will you do with me anything?
I’ll lie with the liars
I’ll lay with the lame
I’ll seed with the dying
I’ll change my name
I’ll forgive all the times you made me want to scream
I just want to count the stars on your ceiling
Track Name: Douglas Fir - March 20th
sitting in the backseat of your car
burning through my final cigarette
windows open just enough
to let the smoke crawl out
and it hangs in a receding haze
enveloping the immediate past
just like you have shadowed
what you let go
you'll have another
i'll cough up blood
i can't do this anymore
Track Name: Ben Cooper - No Need For That
Last night saw this movie, made life look easy
This morning it seems that, movies are unreachable dreams

I can’t live every single day without thinking what could be
I can’t live every day never being lonely
And I’ll see what I can do
I’ll find it inside of me…find it inside of me…

I wanna be ok with my past
No time travel back, Got no regrets
And if it was, possible to rewind, I hope that I’d have
No need for that.

Sometimes I wonder, what I should do in my spare time
I don’t wanna waste mine, scramble, keep busy

Don’t have a clue what I wanna do
Life seems slow enough that you can pick and choose, not true
What if I could sit down and think hard enough so everything came clear…
Track Name: Sleepover - Little League
I know I blew the big game
The next day church felt the same
Coach joked, I must have holes in my hands
Just like him, the Son of Man

And I'm too small for my brother's shoes
My father said it's important to learn to lose
And he still bought me a Slurpee that night
In the aisle where no one sees

Mother says that you cry in bed
It's only ever with pride, she said
My father's father once said that I've grown
We're the same, I've always known

Eating at the same place Sunday night
'Cause no one can be adventurous all of the time
I took the bat to the back of the woods
And I hit as hard as I could
And I can't do much on my own
But I don't mind being alone
I can't be much on my own
So I can't wait till I'm grown
We're the same, I've always known
We're the same, I've always known

I'm my bus' last stop to make
I get a pop from the vending machine everyday
And I'll lie down in the seat
and try to sleep off my headache

I saw a movie on ABC
This small town hopeful finds love and makes the team
We joked, that's just what it's like
This All-American life
Track Name: Monty.e - The Gray Somewhere
Summer has gone past
Where my dreams wouldn’t last
Somewhere upon the road
Lost my freedom, lost control

I know you
You're not like this
You would never say you love me and then refuse to give me a simple kiss
I think I'm
I'm in love
In love with you
I'm in love
With the way
That you cry
When you say
That we're through

Someday I hope to die
A fruitful death, because I don't want my tombstone to say "at least he tried"
I hope
To touch the sky
And sing aloud for all the world to hear and tell each other "look at that boy fly"